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ELMO has been a global leader in education technology for over 45 years. Since 1921, ELMO has prided itself on providing the greatest quality, innovation, in educational technology.ELMO develops award-winning products that set the standard for today’s classroom technology solutions, and this technologies are used in our schools as what other countries like Finland ,USA  and other countries all over the world. From their globally acclaimed document cameras to excellent collaboration devices and audio systems, every product in the ELMO line is expertly designed with our years of research and experience for all of our  classroom technology needs as what we use NOW.

The Essential Teaching Tool for the Interactive Classroom Has Evolved!

Enhanced zoom capability, multi-directional camera positions, video recording function without a computer and direct interaction with the ELMO CRA-1 wireless tablet adds more flexibility and latitude to teaching and learning. L12-iD is an exceptionally popular Teacher’s Tool line of classroom document cameras.

The ELMO L12-iD is the next generation document camera in the popular L12-iD series of document cameras used at our school in classroom and laboratories.  The L12-iD is an all-inclusive document camera designed for teachers looking to incorporate 21st century classroom technology to create dynamic lessons that enhance learning, interaction, creativity and academic performance of students.  The L12-iD is now equipped with HDMI input and a BRAND NEW sleek remote control, where this solution will make our teachers to save day to day what they teach at classrooms is recorded, Images to teach from books are practical are visualized at bigger screen, teachers deliver the content to the student by magnifying the concept in a bigger screen with the help of remote and notepad.