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 Syllabus from Kinder Garden, Grade 1 to 8 students take required subjects:

 Art, Hindi,Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi and other Regional Languages ,Health Skills, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, EVS, physical Science ,Biological science ,geography, Political science ,Economics ,Sociology, Business Studies, Psychology, Accountancy, Commerce, Yoga, and Social Studies.

This syllabus will make a global asset child to examine the relationship between the geography, History and culture of peoples, Discovering the wonders of the world we live in, Making connections between the subjects you learn and the world around you, Having fun while you begin to dig deeper in your exploration of all areas of knowledge,


About mastering the fundamentals of all subjects, Strengthening your foundation for all competitive exams in the future, Committed to a year of rigorous learning to master the fundamentals of the 10th CBSE Board examination, Preparing for major competitive examinations that will allow you to keep your career options open, Board examination is highly competitive, committed to two years of rigorous learning to master the fundamentals for the 12th CBSE Board examination.